A Shop Window on Architecture

A Shop Window on Architecture

jmarchitects Glasgow studio has launched a new and evolving exhibition series using the studio’s shop window space to highlight the team’s inspiration and ideas behind their work.
The series entitled "Window Exhibition" was devised by Henry McKeown, Design Director and calls upon each member of the studio to take turn in designing, curating and installing their own window exhibition.

As each new exhibition is launched – usually at the end of each month – the curator introduces their ideas, sharing their curatorial approach with colleagues, a small selection of invited guests and passing members of the public. 

Ian Alexander, Design Director recently inaugurated the series with an intervention entitled "Sheds, Stones + Buttresses" examining forms, shapes and materiality encountered during travel. For his show Ian created nine drawings that recaptured observations made on journeys – for work and pleasure – to the islands of Islay, Lewis and Mallorca.


Craig Tait, Senior Architect is the curator of the second intervention. "Memories of Loads", currently on display, examines deconstruction as a process of design and detailing within architecture. Where we normally experience buildings as a solid mass and enveloped space, Craig choses to document his memory of projects he has undertaken at jmarchitects to explore the component and constituent parts imagined during the design process and the moment in which these parts are placed to re-compose the whole.

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jmarchitects Glasgow studio is currently the only studio across the practice’s UK locations to use a ground floor shop front space. The recent re-location of the Glasgow studio within the Merchant City area of Glasgow was a conscious decision of jmarchitects senior management team and board. Henry McKeown explains: “Uppermost in our reasoning was the notion of making the activity of doing architecture more explicit and evident in the context of the city centre. Allied to this was the idea of showcasing our own work in the shop front window so that passers-by could pause and look and maybe take a little more interest in their built environment. The event allows us to stop, think and discuss architecture with colleagues over a glass of wine. It is our hope that as this event develops it will inject new conversations and ideas into our various projects in the studio. The shop front permits a unique opportunity to showcase the thoughts and ideas of our studio staff - a personal initial reflection in the guise of a small exhibition. There are no rules except that the nature of the exhibition must be related to the discipline of architecture.”

The studio will produce a small publication as the end of the annual cycle of exhibitions to collect and document the exhibition material. The publication will be made available on jmarchitects website.

Brian Thomson, jmarchitects Managing Director adds:  “At the heart of jmarchitects philosophy is the unswerving aim to create the best spaces, buildings and places with a high level of design excellence that satisfies, delights and inspires our clients, users of our buildings and the general public: this aim is continually fuelled by creative thinking. The Window Exhibition series exemplifies the importance we place – across all our studios - on reflecting upon and evolving our ideas as a process of self-expression and as a key element in our continual development as a practice."


  • Top image: From collection of small but important architectural debris, Henry McKeown
  • Middle image: Ian Alexander presenting the inaugural exhibition "Sheds, Stones + Buttresses"
  • Lower image: "Memories of Loads", Craig Tait

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